Did you know this resource can give you very nice citations for the sources obtained online?

Did you know this resource can give you very nice citations for the sources obtained online?

Be they books, journals or websites, Google Scholar is a one stop citation center of the resources. What you should do is definitely look for a reference you may be referring to using Google Scholar. When the source is displayed regarding the list, beneath it find somewhere written “Cite” (image below)

Click about it and there you are! Simply select your preferred citation style (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.) also it provides you with both the in-text citation and also the long bibliographic citation of one’s source. That’s such a magical element any essay writing should never miss.

You create a bibliography fast, Bibme is the way to go if you are looking for tools that can help. Your website was designed to generate bibliographies that are acceptable be properly used on essays. Then you can simply use this online tool if you are using an editor that does not have citation tools.

Purdue OWL

Apart from offering grammatical related content, Purdue Owl also offers essay writing much about citation and referencing. There is a section that is special for research and citation. Here, you’ll find step-by-step guides on how best to cite using styles that are different. Samples are also the main package. The aim of this section at Purdue Owl is always to help students within their essay work and also to make sure that all standards of research writing are upheld.


They are platforms where scholars will get information centered on books and major publications globally. The great thing about online libraries is they are accessed from any place. For as long you can always drop by one of the libraries and source the information you need for your essay as you have reliable internet, then. On the list of highly recommended online libraries for scholars include:

Well, the world wide web can be a supply of literally any given information you might require on paper your essays. However, there could be hardships in filtering the best reference materials. This is why Questia.com was established. This will be a tool that essay writers may use to retrieve reliable reference sources only. It is a site that is complemented heavily by all materials considered vital in referencing books that are including other publications. A simple search of keywords will present you with a handful of information.

It might interest you to definitely understand that Questia.com is among the libraries with cheap services. Any scholar, even people that have shallow budget, can think about this library. Additionally, the library gives you to find the resource materials you want without necessarily signing up first. This can be an point that is added of. Want to try it? Search for five books that you think you could require to complete your write-up. See how it presents you with all of them. I personally consider this one of the most complete online libraries with virtually all resources.


You best if you are looking for an online library that demands zero charges, Openstaxcollege can serve. The site was established to greatly help students using their scholarly tasks by offering information that is massive different disciplines. All books you see at Openstax.com are licensed.

The little issue is that the library has limited resources. This simply implies that if an essay is had by you that calls for in-depth research, Openstaxcollege is almost certainly not the very best for you. This site, however, can back basic and easy essays well.

It is being among the most reliable online libraries that scholars may use because of their research work. Actually, it really is a library that is modern the sense that information retrieval is very simple. Although you will need to pay money for their services (About $9 every month), new members are allowed for a 14-day trial offer. This is where you get the experience that is actual of the library works. You are able to choose to withdraw following the lapse of the trial that is 14-day just proceed if you are paying the recommended subscription fee. A very important factor for certain is the fact that the library has all written books which you consider worth for essay writing. In the end, it really is a library that is global


Something that is due to literal analysis are present at Novelguide.com. The website is directed at offering information sourced from novels. All reviews regarding top books can be located the following. Utilizing the tool, you are within the position that is best to identify the right book/novel to source your essay information from.

This is a FREE online library for people who love reading. If what you are actually writing is a novel summary or article on a story book, it is possible to find and read that story book at no cost at wattpad. The thing that is best about Wattpad is that it is 100% free. What you need is merely a simple sign up process and you are clearly into Fiction, Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery or Fanfiction stories which will intrigue and challenge your writing.

I am yet to find an online library with as numerous free eBooks since this one. Bookzz.org is regarded as its kind when it comes to searching for online ebooks which one can use as sources for an essay. The same as Wattpad, it is also 100% liberated to access. One advantage of Bookzz.org over Wattpad is the fact that it isn’t restricted to stories. Be it a research that is scientific. a literature study, a humanities discussion or other essay niche, you may be bound to find an ebook to refer to at Bookzz.org. The website’s interface lets you look for a written book before you can choose to sign up. Did I mention that access to these eBooks is free?

WyzAnt Resources

This is simply not a library per se however it is worth a mention in this list. With a collection of answers, files, videos and different blogs, it is simple to find a resource at WyzAnt.com. I particularly found the files section intriguing because you can certainly seek out a file authored by an occupation in a specified field. You can easily use a file from this website as a resource for your writing if you know how to make a proper reference to a third party write-up. Never forget to avoid plagiarism when talking about other peoples’ work.

Apart from the WyzAnt page, there is another samples questions page that I found and thought could be extremely useful for students. It can be checked by you out here.


The worst mistake you can easily ever make into the academic sphere is submitting a plagiarized essay. This is because one of many items that qualify an essay is uniqueness and authenticity. Which means scholars must at all costs avoid submitting essays which can be copied or have duplicated content. This is simply not only wrong within the optical eyes of the professor but in addition when you look at the eyes for the copyright owner. Only initial articles can get you the highest marks. It is possible to read the advice that is complete how to prevent plagiarism on our previous blog post: steer clear of plagiarism in your writing

In this regard, you’ll want to utilize a few of the plagiarism checkers to authenticate your projects. These tools are created to scrutinize unearth and content any text which have recently been published online. Some of the most reliable plagiarism checkers include:

It is being among the most plagiarism that is effective that may be used to scrutinize essays for duplication. The tool was designed to point out all parts which have been caught with plagiarism. You can easily choose to correct your projects directly through the site and later transfer it to your offline editor or download a document that is highlighted you should use to rectify your essay. It is advised which you decide on the paid form of TurnItIn with regard to effectiveness in checking your write-ups for plagiarism.

It really is among the plagiarism checkers that are oldest and one whose effectiveness can’t be disputed after all. You can opt for a account that is basic subscribe for the premium plan. The latter is much more effective compared to former. Simply because premium Copyscape is paid for while the basic a person is free of charge. The line that is bottom that you can comfortably run your essays for plagiarism with the aid of Copyscape. One more thing…the site is very simple to utilize and unearths even the sources where in actuality the copied content has been found.

The site enables you to run any document for plagiarism irrespective of length or language. Following the document has been scrutinized, all copied parts are highlighted.

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