5 at Blindern

We walked through campus and asked five students for their thoughts on this edition’s theme, Responsibility. We asked each one how they would define responsibility and what they thought about it. Here are the answers from each of their different perspectives: 

Text og photo: Mahmoud Berrady

Rebecca 24, geophysics 

“Responsibility is taking care of each other and taking care of ourselves: basically being a grownup and knowing what you need to do in school, work and within the family” 

Lars, 23 culture and communication: 

“Responsibility is caring about someone other than yourself, caring about something bigger than yourself that will affect people close to you”   

Cheryl 19, phycology: 

“I am very afraid of responsibility. My definition would be taking care of stuff and taking care of other people and their stuff and making sure that everything goes smoothly” 

Lenda 27, history: 

Responsibility is a big and scary term, but in its essence it’s a good thing because there’s a certain liberty in taking responsibility. If you think that you are not without power, you can actually influence stuff and get your things together. This is a liberating perspective, so for me responsibility is a way of liberation. 

Einar 23, IT Security  

“I think responsibility is a commitment that you have taken upon yourself to uphold. It’s something we need more of; it can be useful to put pressure ourselves to make the world a better place”. 

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