If it’s with you

If it’s with you 
I speak 
My voice never fades 
Like a River 
Lingering on through the night 
Its water caresses the sands 

If it’s with you 
I walk 
My step never falters 
Like an Arrow 
Guided by lethal skill 
Its sound resonates through flesh and bone 

If it’s with you 
I dance 
My feet never tire 
Like the Wind 
Howling over distant borders 
Its whispers make mountains cry 

If it’s with you 
I feast 
My senses never dwindle 
Like a Lion 
In restless search for prey 
Its heart rejoices in the vital hunt 

If it’s with you 
I sleep 
My body never shivers 
Like a Child 
Softly tucked in a mother’s womb 
Its mind oblivious to worry 

If it’s with you 
I die 
My life never ends 
Like a Phoenix 
Arising from its cindered remains 
Your love is what makes me breathe 

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