Mot en mer orgasmisk verden

Sexpionér, punkfeminist, pornoaktivist, prostitusjonsforkjemper, avantgarde-kunstner, sexolog og miljøvernaktivist. Ordene som brukes for å beskrive 60-åringen Annie Sprinkle er mange. Allerede som 18-åring begynte hun sin karriere i New Yorks sexbransje, og omtales i dag som den første pornostjernen med doktorgrad. Ordet er hennes:

“Obviously there is a lot of pain and suffering and sadness in the world. I think we have to try, consciously, to balance that out with feeling as much peace and bliss and ecstasy as we can. And that is why my motto is: Let there be pleasure on earth, and let it begin with me.

Foto: Pressebilde fra

Foto: Pressebilde fra


What I have discovered is that most of our societies are based more on pain and suffering, and people are more comfortable with that. It’s more acceptable to be miserable and unhappy. To be truly ecstatic and blissful and happy is a rare thing. If you’re into pleasure you’re a nymphomaniac, pleasure-seeker, hedonist. It has negative connotations. If you’re into pain your a martyr, a saint, a hero. You know, if you kill people, you get a monument in a park. Where are the monuments for the people who have had ecstasy and bliss and incredible orgasms? And that have made people so ecstatic, made people dance and play? There are no monuments for those things.




I know for fact, from my experience, that sexual energy is a very powerful energy. Very powerful. It’s like fire though. You know, a fire can do amazing, wonderful things. It can also be very intense and scary and heavy and dangerous, and it can kill you. And sexual energy is like that. And it can also heal you, enlighten you on a personal level. But I also think, globally, that if people where more orgasmic and more in touch with their sexuality and really allowed themselves more bliss and more pleasure, then there would be a more happy, pleasurable, beautiful world.”


– Annie Sprinkle i filmen “Lucky People Center International” produsert av Erik Pauser og Johan Söderberg i 1998.

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