Text: Dominic Munton 
Illustrasjon: Lisa Aisato

People of today, why do you live? 
What do you take and what to do you give? 

What do you make of this chaotic mess? 
Do you spread peace? Have you crimes to confess? 

When you awake, each morning in bed, 
What are the thoughts that run through your head? 

How do you feel deep down inside, 
What do you share and what do you hide? 

How do you choose what path to take? 
How do you know what’s real and what’s fake? 

Maybe you just want to make a quick buck, 
Get in get out, who gives a fuck? 

Maybe it’s love that brings you to life? 
Find the right one, make them husband or wife, 

Perhaps it’s pleasure that lets you fly, 
Hard drugs and late nights, no fear that you’ll die, 

Could it be more, deeper than this? 
Why do you strive? Why not cease to exist? 

Saving the planet sounds pretty cool 
But also quite tough, how big is your tool? 

Fighting corruption, combating hate, 
Violent revolt to tyrannical state, 

No-one will tell you just what to do, 
Or they will but it won’t be what’s right for you, 

The cake is a lie, or so I’ve heard, 
The only real answer is something absurd, 

And yet, if we choose not to engage our brains, 
We’ll find ourselves in culture’s chains, 

We are conditioned as to why we live, 
As to what we take and what we give. 

The answer is not the point, you see, 
The point is the question: “How will you be?” 

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