Winter is coming!

Text: Marianne Coulavin  The leaves have fallen of the trees, the air is colder, the rooftops and the ground are covered with frost. It is only 4pm, but it’s already dark outside. As an international student, I was worried about winter in the Norwegian capital. So, I asked my Norwegian … Les mer

Fuck for the BIAŁOWIEŻA Forest – or don’t

Life. It is not always clear what the right thing to do is. So in those few cases when the shades of grey get parted into pure white and pitch black, please, do the right thing. Do something. In 2012, a Polish guy called Michał Marczak did this documentary called … Les mer

A Social Guide to Norway

For all you foreigners out there struggling to understand that we are just trying to be polite!  Maybe you just moved to Norway, maybe you’ve been here for a while. You might be an exchange student, a tourist. Maybe you are here to work, or simply another guy or girl … Les mer

Smile, and Smile

It didn’t take more than 30 minutes before it was named the Comeback Catch. People love good names almost as much as they love good stories. Every Patriot fan has their version of the story. Even their opponents can’t resist. I was in the kitchen, fetching more snacks and ignoring … Les mer

Aesop’s Trial: Does Plodding Win The Race?

 Tekst: Øystein Vaglid   China’s One Child Policy was especially harmful to Chinese women due to a traditional preference for men. This failure enquires the necessity of traditions.  For centuries human survival has relied on the transmission of practical values. First through storytelling, then vivid art and finally an explotion of … Les mer

At the end of a long night, it came out with a Brexit vote

Time: Two days prior to the referendum. Location: A green spot in the city. “It would have been interesting if the majority voted leave”, one said to the other, but neither of us thought Britain was heading for Brexit. We weren’t the only ones, but since the end of June … Les mer