We are one

By Helena Held: Master in Visual Anthropology and Environmental Studies   It seems like pure nature  But where is pure nature? The humans appropriate the world for themselves  There aren’t so many places „untouched“ There aren’t so many places where humans haven’t shaped nature And nature has always shaped humans But what is nature?  Is it the outside? Is it them? Is it something separate from us?  Aren’t we nature as well?  Yes, we are nature We are them, we are the outside  We are entities in … Les mer


By: Anton Lymarev, English BA Illustration: Stellar Leunar. “The witch!” – they cried in terror, – “She’s coming back for us!” Blam! Flood of scarlet, hemorrhage From scattered body parts.  A feast of rot abundance That used to be a town Has formed a deadly aura Around her sullied gown.  They ran, they sobbed and tried to hide, But … Les mer


Tekst: Anton Lymarev Illustration: Ingrid Hopen, @hopeni A state of eternal confusion  Is mixed with a cunning delusion  Of world being fake and the truth being fragile   Which makes you be always suspicious and edgy  You scare yourself, you’re scared of others,   You’re scared of innate, ubiquitous bias  You can’t be … Les mer

Sweet sorrow

Text: Dominic Munton Photo: pexels.com ……………………….. Sweet sorrow my sister In the darkening light Come borrow a whisper No need to fight Root and branch Can you not see The space that grows ‘tween you and me Moonlight glides Through silent pines This night your smile Beguiles my mind  ……………………….. Les mer