Text: Afra Porsche, Bachelor’s degree in social anthropology Our usual way of traveling contributes a lot to the current climate crisis. In the following, Iwant to show how slow traveling can be an enjoyable way of protecting the earth. Environmentally friendly traveling plays an important part in the challenge to … Les mer

A Social Guide to Norway

For all you foreigners out there struggling to understand that we are just trying to be polite!  Maybe you just moved to Norway, maybe you’ve been here for a while. You might be an exchange student, a tourist. Maybe you are here to work, or simply another guy or girl … Les mer

Midtøstens skjulte skatt

Etter tre måneder på utveksling i Oman, ser jeg det som min oppgave både å spre ordet om, og knuse fordommene mot Midtøstens skjulte skatt. La meg nå fortelle hvorfor jeg er sikker på at Oman kommer til å bli den nye, hippe turistattraksjonen.   Istedenfor å skru på 21-nyhetene, skroller … Les mer