We are one

By Helena Held: Master in Visual Anthropology and Environmental Studies  

It seems like pure nature  
But where is pure nature? 
The humans appropriate the world for themselves 

There aren’t so many places „untouched“ 
There aren’t so many places where humans haven’t shaped nature 
And nature has always shaped humans

But what is nature?  
Is it the outside? Is it them? 
Is it something separate from us? 

Aren’t we nature as well?  
Yes, we are nature 
We are them, we are the outside 

We are entities in a multispecies world 
There is no dualistic distinction between us and them 
We are not loose entities in the universe 

We always exist in relation with others  
Even our own body consists of so many species 
Without them we would fall apart 

We are never only one 
We are never alone 

Would we all take care of ourselves? 
To take care of ourselves, we must take care of us and them 
of the whole entanglement, the environment  

Its not me, its not you,  
its neither I, nor them,  
just us 
We are one! 

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